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Joan Uemura Shure, Holistic Esthetician

Specializing in Craniosacral Therapy Facials

Combining 25+ years as a Licensed California Esthetician, clean and organic Evan Healy Skincare, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, I have formulated an extraordinary, restorative, and regenerative treatment now available to you.


I provide an outward and inward experience that is more than just a regimen of skin care; my facial treatments honor your entire being by providing a whole beauty and healing experience.


Because our skin absorbs whatever we put on it, using clean, organic products is of the utmost importance.  Evan Healy Skincare is used exclusively throughout my treatments. Evan sources her ingredients from small, artisan farms, which insures the highest quality product.  This skincare is unsurpassed and has a very high vibration that you can recognize immediately by its aroma and feel.  Using clean, organic, higher resonating skincare elevates the facial experience to a whole new level.


My signature treatment, Luminescence, begins with centering and calming breaths as you are transported into deep relaxation while I treat your skin using pure plant hydrosols, aromatherapy, flower essences, and fruit and seed oils to help you to re-align with nature and your-self.  Additionally you will receive a massage of head, neck and shoulders, while warm steam envelopes you.


Moving into a deeper repose while the mask sets, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy will enhance your whole experience with the deep relaxation of your entire nervous system and being. It also can facilitate the release of old patterns of trauma held in the body. 


While everyone’s Craniosacral Therapy experience is different, it always provides profound relaxation.


We come back to the body with energizing foot reflexology and finish up by massaging your facial contours with Rose Quartz Crystal Spheres. Rose quartz is cooling and heart centering by nature, the perfect finish to this remarkable treatment.


I encourage you to try this amazingly restorative treatment.


By Appointment only, Please call or text 310-402-1288 or email me at

a b o u t  j o a n

my story

I began this journey many moons ago as a makeup artist; enhancing women's natural beauty with brush and color.  I attended an Esthetician's Program in the late 80's, and fell in love with the meditative and ritual qualities surrounding the facial experience.

My fascination with the healing arts led me to many different studies over the years, including; aromatherapy, massage therapy, shiatsu, meditation, yoga, and craniosacral therapy.

This combination of my many years of experience with different modalities has blossomed into the creation of my Craniosacral Therapy Facials


I am ecstatic to be able to share my amazing treatments with you and hope to see you soon.





Washington State Esthetician's License- 2015-current 

California Esthetician License- 1989- current

Certified -International Dermal Institute- Post Graduate Education, 1990

Certified Massage Therapist- Santa Barbara School of Massage, 1998

Certified Shiatsu Amma Practitioner- Shiatsu School of Santa Monica, 2001

Certified Yoga Instructor- Santa Monica Yoga- 200 Hours, 2010

Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner, Los Angeles, 2012

Certified Evan Healy Esthetician- Del Mar California, 2013


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